Friday, August 6, 2010

Workin on my fitness

Rocky Balboa style

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Goal

This water cup holds the daily recommended amout of water.. I'm going to try to drink 4!

Its True

Noise Neighbors

Came across this note posted on someones door while on a run.

Chantry Flatts

For the past few Fridays, Lorena and I have been killing ourselves hiking a trail to Mt. Wilson. Although we felt quite accomplished upon each completion, today I am glad to announce that I WILL NEVER BE HIKING THAT trail again!

Why you ask? Because we discovered Chantry Flatts!! Not only is this hike far easier, but it still takes us the same 7 mile trek to the top of Mt. Wilson and it's far more lush and shady, there is even water! Chantry Flatts is like heaven compared to that other trail we've been hiking! The farm animals at the pack station are a plus as well!

I love the fishes...

..cuz their so delicious!

The Truth Stinks

Billie The DMB Monkey's Sister

After hearing myths and fables about the inflatable monkey that travels with my boss and his wife to every Dave Matthews concert they attend I finally decided to pay a visit to Billie the dmb monkeys facebook page. Turns out this monkey is FAMOUS... not only has he met Dave Matthews himself (and had his tummy autographed) but he's also met the most interesting man in the world and he is a complete hit with the drunken bitches at all the tailgate parties!

A few weeks ago I spotted Billies twin hanging on someones porch! I was so excited that I'd found a look alike that I just couldn't resist taking a picture, unfortunately upon my attempt the people inside the house saw me creeping up towards their porch and quickly shooed me off of their land! Defeated I went home and told my friend what had happened! They next day she insisted we go back and acted as my getaway driver so I'd be better able to snap my pic and RUN! :)

My Fortune

This is..

..quite possibly the best text message I have ever recieved!