Friday, August 6, 2010

Workin on my fitness

Rocky Balboa style

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Goal

This water cup holds the daily recommended amout of water.. I'm going to try to drink 4!

Its True

Noise Neighbors

Came across this note posted on someones door while on a run.

Chantry Flatts

For the past few Fridays, Lorena and I have been killing ourselves hiking a trail to Mt. Wilson. Although we felt quite accomplished upon each completion, today I am glad to announce that I WILL NEVER BE HIKING THAT trail again!

Why you ask? Because we discovered Chantry Flatts!! Not only is this hike far easier, but it still takes us the same 7 mile trek to the top of Mt. Wilson and it's far more lush and shady, there is even water! Chantry Flatts is like heaven compared to that other trail we've been hiking! The farm animals at the pack station are a plus as well!

I love the fishes...

..cuz their so delicious!

The Truth Stinks

Billie The DMB Monkey's Sister

After hearing myths and fables about the inflatable monkey that travels with my boss and his wife to every Dave Matthews concert they attend I finally decided to pay a visit to Billie the dmb monkeys facebook page. Turns out this monkey is FAMOUS... not only has he met Dave Matthews himself (and had his tummy autographed) but he's also met the most interesting man in the world and he is a complete hit with the drunken bitches at all the tailgate parties!

A few weeks ago I spotted Billies twin hanging on someones porch! I was so excited that I'd found a look alike that I just couldn't resist taking a picture, unfortunately upon my attempt the people inside the house saw me creeping up towards their porch and quickly shooed me off of their land! Defeated I went home and told my friend what had happened! They next day she insisted we go back and acted as my getaway driver so I'd be better able to snap my pic and RUN! :)

My Fortune

This is..

..quite possibly the best text message I have ever recieved!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


At California Adventure, for the water show to begin (:

Sayy Cheese

My main mouse..

Round 2

We're going to try this again...

Day two of the World of Color water show at Disney's California Adventure we made sure to land ourselves those VIP front row viewing passes...

We quickly learned that front row access also includes a continuous heavy misting for the entire 30 minutes!! The show was still very enjoyable but this time I think it'll be 5X better since we won't be squinting our eyes to avoid the waters backdraft

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My very first..

...trip to THE HAT
Chili Cheese Friess
Nom Nom Nom

My ESPN Zone Creation

Sry folks can't order this on the menu..

Buffalo.Ranch.Chicken.Blue Cheese.Wrap


Just in case

You need to lay down.. In the Cal Poly bathroom

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sastys Rollin' In Style

This morning my sister discovered a red "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" banner painted on the rear window of her car with some balloons on the windows. (painted by her boyfriend). I guess he left the car marker inside her car because on her lunch break. my sister decided to write "ITS MY 24TH BIRTHDAY" with some stars on my car to match! Now everyone will know today is OUR day!

Auntie Denise

Today during our lunch rush, crazy auntie Denise rolled into our job with a set of twin Hello Kitty balloons for her favorite twin nieces birthday! Stashed inside the bag's weighing our balloons down was one of her famously silly birthday cards, some cash, and this cool little key chain speaker for our iPods. Everyone loves cold hard cash.. and that little speaker was no joke.. I tried it out in my car after work, very lagit! Thank you sooo much auntie D. We love you, and your visit was such a great surprise!!!

Crash & Burn

Every wednesday Marie reminds me not to take the 10 home from school because the 57 usually has much less traffic... NOT THIS WEEK

Not 5 minutes after hopping onto the northbound 57 we began our inch by inch journey to the 57/210 interchange. We could see helecopters circling above and traffic was at a near stand still so we knew something juicy must have happened up ahead. After a sold 30 minutes of traveling at a snails pace we began to approch the scene of the accident.

I must say, my homegirl Marie took rubber necking to a whole new level! As we drove by she had me open up the sun roof so she could prarie dog herself outside the car to snap these excellent pictures.

The accident must have happened a good time before we came to pass because we think the scrap metal on the trailor in the top phone was once another vehicle that burned to the ground after colliding with the white SUV...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While in Hunington Beach with my mama Corran and bestie Marie earlier this week, we came across a MONSTER tent handing out free drinks.. scoreeee! Those of you who are familiar with these wonderful energy drink know that the twist-top usually only comes on the huge cans! Finally, as marie pointed out, monster made a normal size can with the same replaceable top! YAY and yum yum yum I love my monster!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Until his Friday night performance at EDC Deadmau5 was not my favorite DJ.. not by a long shot.. On the other hand, my sister has always loved him so because of her we've seen his shows, but I've never actually considered myself a fan... Until now!!

There are no words to describe the experience I had watching him preform at EDC.. his set was nothing short of AMAZING. The lights were incredible, the songs were perfect, and the energy flowing from both the stage and the crowd was intoxicating! I may have had mixed feelings before but now, I'm basically in love!

I cant wait til Deadmau5 comes back to town..
I have no more shit to talk,
I've been shut up & Now all I want is more :)

stack your chips..

Chocolate Chips that is... Dont these look tasty?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sidewalk Paint

I love that my name is painted on the driveway...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Slicer

Today a customer came in and ordered a loaf of our honey wheat bread. As per Panera standard I asked her if she'd like her bread sliced thick or thin, she said she'd like it thin...very thin, I explained to her that we only had two bread slicers and that the blades were not adjustable. She looked sad...

She told me our thin slice was too thick because she would be using the bread to make "tea sandwiches". If you don't know what a tea sandwich is, don't despair, neither do I, but apparently the recipe calls for paper thin slices of bread. Since she seemed so disappointed I told her I could try to slice the bread by hand. I'm not going to lie, my first few slices didn't look very promising, but the lady pleaded with me not to give up and about a quarter way thru the loaf I was a tea sandwich bread slicing pro.

I felt quite accomplished and proud as I presented my super thin sliced loaf to the customer. She looked thrilled... In fact, she said I did such a great job that she wanted 4 more loaves...sliced exactly the same way haha (:

In a nutshell.. if you're making tea sandwiches for your next big event holla' at yo girl... I am a certified slicer

(: HoUR

Kabuki Happy Hour
(from left to right)
- Aladdin Roll
-Lotus on Fire
-Tempura California Roll
(not pictured tofu salad mmmm)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Little Princess

Isnt' she the most beautiful ballerina you've ever seen?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tripped Up

Usually if you catch me walking around the Cal Poly campus I don't have much more then my purse and a spiral notebook in hand. However, today this was definitely not the case. Since it's finals week I stepped onto campus with a huge backpack (like the ones hikers carry for week long trips) stuffed full of papers and books, I even had my laptop jammed inside.
Lugging my study materials all over school today was kinda fun. I felt like a real student and I looked at it as a good work-out opportunity to tote an extra 20 pounds of loot on my back for the day. Unfortunately as a result of my not being accustomed to the extra weight, when I tripped over a curb while attempting to walk to my car after class the entire weight of my backpack shifted upward above my head and I completely lost my balance. The worst part of the event you ask? I didn't go down quickly, not at all, instead it was all in slow motion!
With the help of some fancy footwork I was able to catch myself as I tripped over the curb but the gravitational pull of my backpack flying through the air and over my head was far too much for me to compensate for with fast footing. My car keys and water bottle were hurled into some shrubbery as I fell.. luckily a few of my audience members retrieved my belongings before I stood up with crunched leaves all over my leggings to walk away completely mortified!
Finals week is a stressful time and I say the best time to take advantage of a good laugh when the opportunity presents itself.. Looks like today I'll be laughing at myself.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Cozy Miss Chloe


Today as I walked from class to my car I noticed a HUGE stussy sale going down in the middle of the quad. Picked myself up a couple'a snazzy tees and called up the honey so he could get in on the action as well... & ya know miss Chloe came out to check out the scene too! (:

Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've dropped my fair share of C-Notes on L.A.M.B purses and wallets but I'd NEVER do all this!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Looks like we won't be sitting in the SOLD OUT all-you-can-eat pavillion this trip!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


What the heck is all the talk about?

Yesterday afternoon Eddie and I waited in line outside Sprinkles in Beverly Hills to taste our very first famous Sprinkles cupcake. We paid $13 for 4 cupcakes. Dont feel too sorry for us though, we learned our lesson on the first go. I doubt we'll be returning anytime soon.

We decided on the banana chocolate, dark chocolate, red velvet, and cinnamon & sugar cakes. Although they weren't bad they definitely weren't anything to tell your friends about. They were all very lackluster in the flavor department, each one just tasted kinda blah. Next time we are craving a delicious cupcake we'll go over to Albertsons and mix up a batch of Duncan Hines.

Sorry Sprinkles, your cupcakes have easy-bake-oven taste on a Beverly Hills budget

Mr. Unoriginal

Yesterday I went to the Arclight in Hollywood to see Exit through the gift shop, the worlds first Street Art disaster movie, a documentary by a street artist named Banksy.

Until last week I had never even heard of this guy, but after my hip honey schooled me up, I was excited to watch his movie and looked forward to seeing him in action on the streets. I am sad to report, I was thoroughly disappointed.

I thought the movie would be about Banksy and his fellow street artists. I though it would be something like a chronicle of his life or the history of his work. Instead it was mostly about some camera man turned rip-off artist who found fame on the backs of real artists, one of which being Banksy.

Without going too much into detail, this guy filmed tons of footage of street artists from all over the world, on the premise that he was making a documentary (which turned out to be a complete lie). He eventually took what he saw the people around him doing and hired a team of helpers to mass produce and, in many cases, copy what he had seen other artists doing. He started calling himself Mr. Brainwash.

The title of this film could not be more perfect.. here is why:

(Exit through the gift shop) Everything Mr. Brainwash displayed and sold as his masterpieces were no more original or valuable then the little trinkets or reproductions you'd find in any museum gift shop. His art, if you can even call it that, in my opinion, is all junk that he shouldn't received any credit for.

(the worlds first Street Art disaster movie) Mr. Brainwashes street art documentary, that he never intended to make, turned out to be a complete disaster and pile of S#@% tiled Life Remote Control.


Wednesday morning Eddie and I went on a voyage to locate the house where I spent the first 6 years of my life. Over the course of our journey I thought back to a bunch of things that hadn't crossed my mind in what seems like forever.

I remember:

-The day my dad painted our bedroom bright pink because it was our favorite color.

-When my dad taught me how to ride my bike in the breezeway between the house and the garage and how he rescued me after my first big crash.

-How bad my dad was at doing ponytails but how hard he tried.

-When we got chickenpox my mom gave my sister and I oatmeal bathes and rubbed pink lotion all over us so we wouldn't itch.

-My mom practicing her french braiding technique on us and leaving us feeling Asian because she braided so tight.

-My mom reading to us every night and never falling for the "but I'm not tired yet" line.

-Feeding my sister cheerios and milk inside the closet while she pretended to be a cat.

-My mom walking in on my sister and I eating an entire bottle of TUMS.

I could see the formal dining room, the living room, the kitchen, and the pantry we had as if I had lived there a day before. It was cool to see my old house after so many years, and thinking about all these silly little things really made my day better! I was a lucky little kid!


After huffin' and puffin' my way up the stairs to the roof of the Cal Poly parking structure I noticed some scrawny kid in a uniform awarding tickets to all those rebellious students without parking permits.

Dude was like a little ticket printing robot, in the few short moments it took me to walk across the roof, over to my car, I watched him ornament a good 5 cars with a citation.

Soon after getting into my car and on my way, I realized I too had one of his envelops on my wind shield. What in the world did I get a ticket for? I JUST paid the ridiculous $97/quarter it costs to park in this lot and let me say now, I'm in no mood to pay another $40

I was disgusted! My feelings of luck and thankfulness for not receiving a tickets quickly vanished and visions of the A&E show parking wars began dancing around in my head! If I had known that little punk had written me a ticket just 5 minutes sooner I would have thrown the entire contents of my 20 Oz. iced tea/lemonade combo all over him and his stupid little ticket printer as I drove past!

Although my parking permit was visibly hanging on my rear view mirror, according to peter parking attendant, it wasn't "fully visible". I realize it's this young mans job to issue tickets all afternoon but the fact that he's giving them to people who OBVIOUSLY don't deserve them makes me a little cranky!

I know the school needs money but this is ridiculous! I will definitely be fighting this ticket, but dang, what a waste of time, effort, and paper!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Her name is Chloe...

She is three years old, she's my boyfriend's daughter, and I love her to death!

I can GUARENTEE this little girl has more character then anyone you've ever known! I know she is beautiful, but her sassy little personality (which is IDENTICAL to her daddy's) is what makes her so great! These are just a few of my favorite snapshots of little miss pickle juice!