Tuesday, June 29, 2010


While in Hunington Beach with my mama Corran and bestie Marie earlier this week, we came across a MONSTER tent handing out free drinks.. scoreeee! Those of you who are familiar with these wonderful energy drink know that the twist-top usually only comes on the huge cans! Finally, as marie pointed out, monster made a normal size can with the same replaceable top! YAY and yum yum yum I love my monster!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Until his Friday night performance at EDC Deadmau5 was not my favorite DJ.. not by a long shot.. On the other hand, my sister has always loved him so because of her we've seen his shows, but I've never actually considered myself a fan... Until now!!

There are no words to describe the experience I had watching him preform at EDC.. his set was nothing short of AMAZING. The lights were incredible, the songs were perfect, and the energy flowing from both the stage and the crowd was intoxicating! I may have had mixed feelings before but now, I'm basically in love!

I cant wait til Deadmau5 comes back to town..
I have no more shit to talk,
I've been shut up & Now all I want is more :)

stack your chips..

Chocolate Chips that is... Dont these look tasty?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sidewalk Paint

I love that my name is painted on the driveway...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tea Slicer

Today a customer came in and ordered a loaf of our honey wheat bread. As per Panera standard I asked her if she'd like her bread sliced thick or thin, she said she'd like it thin...very thin, I explained to her that we only had two bread slicers and that the blades were not adjustable. She looked sad...

She told me our thin slice was too thick because she would be using the bread to make "tea sandwiches". If you don't know what a tea sandwich is, don't despair, neither do I, but apparently the recipe calls for paper thin slices of bread. Since she seemed so disappointed I told her I could try to slice the bread by hand. I'm not going to lie, my first few slices didn't look very promising, but the lady pleaded with me not to give up and about a quarter way thru the loaf I was a tea sandwich bread slicing pro.

I felt quite accomplished and proud as I presented my super thin sliced loaf to the customer. She looked thrilled... In fact, she said I did such a great job that she wanted 4 more loaves...sliced exactly the same way haha (:

In a nutshell.. if you're making tea sandwiches for your next big event holla' at yo girl... I am a certified slicer

(: HoUR

Kabuki Happy Hour
(from left to right)
- Aladdin Roll
-Lotus on Fire
-Tempura California Roll
(not pictured tofu salad mmmm)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Little Princess

Isnt' she the most beautiful ballerina you've ever seen?

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tripped Up

Usually if you catch me walking around the Cal Poly campus I don't have much more then my purse and a spiral notebook in hand. However, today this was definitely not the case. Since it's finals week I stepped onto campus with a huge backpack (like the ones hikers carry for week long trips) stuffed full of papers and books, I even had my laptop jammed inside.
Lugging my study materials all over school today was kinda fun. I felt like a real student and I looked at it as a good work-out opportunity to tote an extra 20 pounds of loot on my back for the day. Unfortunately as a result of my not being accustomed to the extra weight, when I tripped over a curb while attempting to walk to my car after class the entire weight of my backpack shifted upward above my head and I completely lost my balance. The worst part of the event you ask? I didn't go down quickly, not at all, instead it was all in slow motion!
With the help of some fancy footwork I was able to catch myself as I tripped over the curb but the gravitational pull of my backpack flying through the air and over my head was far too much for me to compensate for with fast footing. My car keys and water bottle were hurled into some shrubbery as I fell.. luckily a few of my audience members retrieved my belongings before I stood up with crunched leaves all over my leggings to walk away completely mortified!
Finals week is a stressful time and I say the best time to take advantage of a good laugh when the opportunity presents itself.. Looks like today I'll be laughing at myself.