Thursday, July 8, 2010


At California Adventure, for the water show to begin (:

Sayy Cheese

My main mouse..

Round 2

We're going to try this again...

Day two of the World of Color water show at Disney's California Adventure we made sure to land ourselves those VIP front row viewing passes...

We quickly learned that front row access also includes a continuous heavy misting for the entire 30 minutes!! The show was still very enjoyable but this time I think it'll be 5X better since we won't be squinting our eyes to avoid the waters backdraft

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My very first..

...trip to THE HAT
Chili Cheese Friess
Nom Nom Nom

My ESPN Zone Creation

Sry folks can't order this on the menu..

Buffalo.Ranch.Chicken.Blue Cheese.Wrap


Just in case

You need to lay down.. In the Cal Poly bathroom

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sastys Rollin' In Style

This morning my sister discovered a red "ITS MY BIRTHDAY" banner painted on the rear window of her car with some balloons on the windows. (painted by her boyfriend). I guess he left the car marker inside her car because on her lunch break. my sister decided to write "ITS MY 24TH BIRTHDAY" with some stars on my car to match! Now everyone will know today is OUR day!

Auntie Denise

Today during our lunch rush, crazy auntie Denise rolled into our job with a set of twin Hello Kitty balloons for her favorite twin nieces birthday! Stashed inside the bag's weighing our balloons down was one of her famously silly birthday cards, some cash, and this cool little key chain speaker for our iPods. Everyone loves cold hard cash.. and that little speaker was no joke.. I tried it out in my car after work, very lagit! Thank you sooo much auntie D. We love you, and your visit was such a great surprise!!!

Crash & Burn

Every wednesday Marie reminds me not to take the 10 home from school because the 57 usually has much less traffic... NOT THIS WEEK

Not 5 minutes after hopping onto the northbound 57 we began our inch by inch journey to the 57/210 interchange. We could see helecopters circling above and traffic was at a near stand still so we knew something juicy must have happened up ahead. After a sold 30 minutes of traveling at a snails pace we began to approch the scene of the accident.

I must say, my homegirl Marie took rubber necking to a whole new level! As we drove by she had me open up the sun roof so she could prarie dog herself outside the car to snap these excellent pictures.

The accident must have happened a good time before we came to pass because we think the scrap metal on the trailor in the top phone was once another vehicle that burned to the ground after colliding with the white SUV...