Monday, March 29, 2010

If Jesus Wore Nikes...

This would be them

Today Eddie stumbled across this pair of sandals on I am still undecided as to wheather I love them or hate them! But they've got my attention for sure.

Random Discovery

Eddie got off work this morning around 7:30 so while he came home and caught up on some Zzz's, Chloe and I caught up on some much needed parktime play. Even though daddy wasn't with us we were thinking of him plenty...

Look what was across the street from the random park we found...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Paramore Squared

Last night I bought tickets to see Paramore in San Diego in September with my sister and Marie. For anyone who doesn't know the backstory behind my history with seeing Paramore in concert I will save that for a later date, but I didnt think it was possible to be anymore excited about seeing them again until.. I recieved this text message from my sister

Turns our her sneeky honey went online a few days ago and purchased my sister and I tickets to see Paramore in Las Vegas this May. YESSSSSSSSS we are going to see them twice! IAM SOOOOO HAPPY!

Super Fail

Where shall I begin?

Today after Nana's surprise birthday party Estrella and I spontaneously decided to take a trip to Disneyland. However, before we could begin our journey to Mickey's magic kingdom we needed to pick up Estrella's pass from a friend in Baldwin Park.

After retrieving the pass our re-entry onto the eastbound 10 turned out to be somewhat of a small quest. It seems there are far more westward on ramps in Baldwin Park then eastward, I'm going to guess a good 10 to one ratio. It took us 3 u-turns, 2 long dark roads leading no nothingness, one dead end, and a solid 30 minutes to navigate our way back onto the freeway, which we could see almost the entire time, we just couldn't get on. And to think...this was only the beginning...

Once we were finally off to Disneyland my attempt to merge onto the 57 didn't quite pan out, instead I unknowingly turned onto the 71 interchange. After the freeway ended in what I believe was Chino and we began to see signs making reference to the 60 we realized this was not exactly where we wanted to be. To recover from my misdirection I attempted to get off the freeway and head back the direction from which we had just come. Much to my dismay instead of getting back on the the 71 in the opposite direction, I got onto the 60 going.. I'm still not sure where.

After another 20 or so minutes we decided we were even more far off the beaten track then we had been thus far. Nothing looked familiar and it occurred to us just how far off we were when signs noting Riverside and the Ontario airport were breezing by our windows. How in the world did I manage to get us this lost? After a few unanswered calls to people I thought could help,including one to my mommy, we stopped at a Farmer Boy's next to some truck stop to figure out where exactly we had ended up. Thanks to some tips from one of their lovely associates we were soon on our way home... Disneyland at this point was out of the question.

Once we were finally going the right way my gas light turned on. I was so scared to get off the freeway for fear we'd be lost or unable to get back on a homeward bound path that I just let it ride until I recognized where we were. Millikan Ave was our exit of choice and at the beautiful Mobile gas station just off the freeway Estrella bought me an old school kool-ade to drink away my disappointment and worries. Although I did have a moment of childhood reminiscence my excitement quickly vanished into the wind when I thought I had misplaced the credit card I'd just purchased gas with. After a spastic scramble to find the card we were FINALLY on our way home.

All I can say is that this trip was a complete fail and a total disaster.. Thank god I got lost with someone with a good sense of humor because, we spent about two hours driving up, down, and all around. We never got anywhere near Disneyland and poor Estrella probably thinks her brother bagged himself the biggest idiot he could find. OHH MY am I embarrassed! I truly have no sense of direction

We are going to try going back to Disneyland on Wednesday.. but you can all rest assured, I will not be the driver. I'm not even allowed to talk!

Phew what an adventure....

Saturday, March 27, 2010


The bow is SUPER cute!

.. But the button?

I dont get.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My shirt says it all..

breakfast at ihop...

Annabella Hotel

A Little over a week ago Eddie and I decided to spend our days off in Anaheim for a two day trip to Disneyland. The day our decision was made we found this hotel called the Annabella listed on 3 different travel websites for $60. We should have booked the room right away but instead, being the cheapskate that I am, I thought we should wait and see if the short sale got even cheaper later in the game.

The day of our departure the room was still listed for $60 online, so Eddie called the hotel to see if they had any other good deals. Some guy working at the hotel told Eddie they'd match any price we found online, with the proper proof.

Please explain to me why, no more then five minutes after I'd seen this $60 sale for the 50th time online did the price jump up to $110? I smell a rat! After my great deal turned into straight up robbery we decided to tell the Annabella to take a long walk off a short pier.

After wondering around Disneyland for a few hours we decided to put a little more effort into finding a reasonably priced room in the area. What did we find you ask? Oh.. we found this cute little place called Hotel Annabella for $80 a night! Sound familiar? Their prices seemed to jump like fleas, they were all over the place. This turned out to be the best deal we could find, so we just booked it before the price magically turned into $150

Despite the worrisome yelp reviews with talk of bed bugs and break-ins we had a lovely time! The bed was HUGE and fluffy and filled with down feathers and bed bug free! I enjoyed our stay very much and if we ever need to stay in Anaheim again I definitely want to stay here! We will just make sure not to notify any hotel staff of the great deals that can be found online, those sneaky devils are con men!

New Toys.

My boyfriend is a way bigger kid at heart then I am, and he has way more of an addiction to toys then I will ever understand, but I must admit he's kinda rubbed his vinylmation hobby off on me, but just a little!

While he got himself this big cave man figure, I bought myself, and my mommy, each a box of mystery pins to add to my nerd necklace. I got the Boo mickey (which is the one I wanted the most) and the Epcot mickey, I traded my Epcot for a much cooler mickey I had been eyeing on the necklace of a Disney cast member. My mommy got the Epcot mickey as well along with the goofy mickey.

I'm becoming addicted to this stupid pin collecting thing. When we got home Eddie and I even bought some pins on eBay so I will have more to trade next time we go! I'm very excited!

Pecan Nuttles

The picture you see here is of one of the most ellusive candies on the planet. These little suckers are called pecan nuttles and they are made at the candy palace on Main Street in Disneyland. One day, by mistake, my parents discovered and fell in love with the cute little candies above. I have been on several missions to locate and return home with a parcel of them in hand. I had to take a picture when I saw them in the window of the palace because I feel a sort of bond with these chocolate delights. I could easily write a book about my experience with these candies but for now I will just leave it at that!

French Market

This past October I bought myself a premium Disneyland pass, I can honestly say I've been a solid 15 times since then and although I consider myself a frequent Disneyland goer, until this past Monday I hadn't visited my very favorite Disneyland eatery, the French Market in the New Orleans square, in several years.

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed Cajun foods and many years ago when my sister, parents, and I had Disney passes this was the only place we'd ever eat. Since getting my new pass in October I'd always have fond memories of my families numerous trips to the little courtyard with the live jazz band but never made it a point to eat there again.

On Monday, as we exited Pirates of the Caribbean, Eddie must have noticed the longing in my eyes for a good ole' plate of Disney jambalaya. I know I was looking forward to sitting down with my beautiful plate of cornbread, steamed veggies, and jambalaya but I must have been a little too excited because although I am still unsure as to how it happened, the contents of my plate ended up on the seat I intended to sit in as well as all over the floor. My 15 dollar plate of deliciousness was sitting on top of my cute red vans! I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry.. I cant seem to avoid making a mess or a scene anywhere I go, its terrible.

Luckily the folks at the French Market took pity on me and I got another plate, for the rest of the afternoon a was rockin' my Cajun kicks and my Carole perfume.

Captain EO

In 1986 (the year I was born) Micheal Jackson and the people at Disney got together to create a 17 minute, 3D experience for crowds to enjoy at the Disneyland Parks. This past February Disney decided to ditch "Honey I Shrunk The Audience" for an undecided amount of time in order to bring back this quite interesting preference.

While at Disneyland these past couple days, Eddie and I decided to see what was up with all the commotion surrounding the re-opening of the Captain EO show.

Before I give my review I would like to say I have no feelings or opinions about Micheal Jackson as a performer or as a person in general. I cannot make seance of the fact that so many people are obsessed with guy and with this being said I was in a state of disbelief as a listened to the crowd applaud and cheer as MJ popped up onto the screen.

The show was VERY interesting. It started off like an extra cheesy wanna be Star Wars episode and, in true Micheal Jackson fashion, turned into a full on, crotch thrusting all all,music video.

This short movie was literally pulled out of a time capsule. The costumes we totally 80's, it was great! I couldn't stop thinking to myself how different people dress and look here in the 2000's. I was honestly captivated by the sheer ridiculousness of this show.

One thing I would like to warn those of you who haven't seen the show, bring your neck brace! The majority of the 17 minutes is spent being bounced and jolted all over the place! It was like going off-roading in a truck without any shocks. It was very strange because, all the thrashing around was completely irreverent to the storyline and very unnecessary!

I am glad I experienced captain EO, just to say I've been there, done that, but I have no desire to see it again and I will not be buying a t-shirt or collectible baseball cap anytime soon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Duck Feet

Without my fabuolus finger nails these past couple weeks I've been feeling naked, so today I decided to do something about it and paid miss Linda a visit.

I'm SUPER picky and sometimes even a little annoying when it comes to getting my nails done. I like them very thick and extra wide. Some people call these bro hoe nails, others refer to them as duck feet! Whatever you want to call them, I love it! Aparently creating this look is no simple task for the average nail broad, but lucky for me Linda came through like a champ.

Check these bad boys out :)

Yesterday was..

Estrella's first trip to The Counter, and I'm pretty sure she LOVED IT!

Although she was a good little girl and got herself a veggie burger during lent, I decided to try my hand at their chicken sandwich. This place has way too many toppings and sauces to choose from so in my usual fashion I decided to keep it simple:

.2/3 pound chicken breast (this was a small mountain of poultry)
.Field greens
.Buffalo wing sauce

Panty Raid

Yesterday, via facebook, Victoria's Secret notified me that they were giving away free t-shirts in celebration of surpassing their 1 million fan goal on FB. While on their website printing out my voucher, I discovered that Victoria's Secret was also having a 3-day 7 for $25 pantie sale.

At this, I rallied Eddie off the couch and we went to find me some new undies! Luckily we got there before all the good stuff was picked clean, and I couldn't be happier with all my cute discoveries! I even found some little bicycle undies to support Eddies new hobby! My new tank top ain't too shabby either!

As we exited the store I discovered a mystery gift card in my bag that's worth between $10 and $50 dollars! I cant wait to go back and use it to buy the brightest most neon swim suit I can find!

I love you Victoria's Secret... You came through!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beach Day..

Today I spent my entire afternoon basking in the sun with my own personal ray of sunshine, Marie. We loaded our beach cruisers into the back of our pimpin' 95 Toyota gardener truck and got on our way to good ole' Huntington Beach. Considering the fact our truskster didn't have a radio we wasted no time talking each others ears off the whole drive.

After a good hour of tanning hunger began to over-take our bodies so we hopped back on our cruisers and headed straight towards the best place in town for strips, Zach's. Even though its just cheese piled on top of chips, don't be fooled by the imitators, these guys are the only ones who do it right. According to my stripes aficionado (Marie) their salsa is the best. Upon our arrival I decided I wasn't really as hungry as I thought and opted not to eat, but after seeing Marie's pile of cheese and chips I just had to one-up her and get myself some chili cheese strips... pretty tasty I'm not going to lie

After eating such a healthy meal we hopped back onto our bikes and rode over to see the pups at dog beach. After a good little work out we laid back in the sand and caught a few more rays. Although it turned out to be quite a blustery day, which made it a tad bit chilly, we had tons of fun and got ourselves that first bit of color for the upcoming beach season.

On top of working on our sexy tans we came to the conclusion we also need to do a bit of work on the level of fitness in our lives. Therefore, after today, we are going for it gung-ho!

Mr. Beach if we have any say in the matter we shall be returning at least once a week for as may weeks as the warm rays of sunshine will allow. The plan is that each week our beach bodies will be lookin' more beach ready then the last. Brace yourself, two hot mamas are on their way!

I love you Marie

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


What my wonderful sister bought me while shopping at Victorias Secret today!

They are so me.. Dont you agree? Thanks sasty! I love thou!

Papa's Pasta

Every summer when my beat friends family and I hit the Hawaiian islands for our summer vacation, Granny and Papa are the worlds best hosts! One of the best parts of each visit is the night papa cooks up a delicious, authentic, Italian dinner for the whole gang. So, when I heard he was going to be in town this month, and he was going to be making dinner, I made sure to black the day out on my calender.

With that said.. I just got home from papa's fabulous dinner party and DAMN was it good! Papa came through with his world famous sausage and peppers along side some hot, FRESH, tomato sauce and spaghetti. Oh yea.. can't forget the garlic bread!

The guests came from far and wide to get a plate of papa's scrumptious cookin' and I nearly starved myself in anticipation for tonight's feast. When I finally hit the line to serve myself I was overwhelmed with excitement, I didn't know what to do, I ate way too much and way too fast, but it was well worth it.

Although I am currently in a food coma, my tummy and I are a couple of very happy campers! THANKS PAPA, it was so nice to see you and YOU OUTDID YOURSELF with dinner!!

& GRANNY we missed you this visit and can hardly wait for you to get your cute little butt out here! Love ya both :)

Monday, March 8, 2010


I bet you're wondering why there are no pictures with this post...

The answer to this question is actually quite simple, there are none! I spent the majority of Eddie's birthday weekend in our hotel room, SICK.

After our visit to Vegas last month Eddie and I were super excited to go back and celebrate his birthday with some of our favorite people. Unfortunately I consumed an oyster, that nearly killed me, just in time to ruin the trip! (see post below)

I felt sick the entire time we were in Vegas, but Saturday was by far the worst. For the entire day and night I was violently throwing up everything I consumed within 10 minutes of eating or drinking it! It was absolutely horrible!

Now its Monday, I still feel nasty, and our fun weekend has come and gone... Im sad I missed it

Hon Sushi is FIRED

On Thursday night a group of about 10 gathered to celebrate Eddie's birthday at Hon Sushi in Monrovia. Thanks to our experience, this place has gone from our #1 choice sushi spot to dead last!

The majority of our group ordered all-you-can-eat sushi, we each filled out an order sheet and handed it to our server! Not a single person at our table got everything they ordered! Every time we asked her a question about all the mix-up's she just giggled and wandered away. When she returned she'd have something in her hand that nobody ordered and tried convincing us otherwise, it was crazy. At some moments it felt like we were eating dinning in the twilight zone. Why she couldn't just refer to our papers and cross off the items we had ordered/received I have no clue, but dinner was a disaster!

The mix-ups may have had something to do with the fact that our waitress was drunker then everyone in the restaurant combined! Instead of getting our order straightened out, she was rubbing elbows and drinking beers with the customers at the sushi bar. She didn't seem the slightest bit concerned that the 10 starving people watching her from across the room were about ready to get up outta' their chairs and deck her!

Other than the oysters, that tasted 10 years too old to serve, the food was good but after all the ranting and raving we'd done about this place I was embarrassed to have ever called Hon Sushi my favorite sushi restaurant... I will never go there again! EVER

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey! How's it going? Did you happen to noticed that you almost killed me today? I know you feel all high and mighty because you are in the Cal Poly Pomona ROTC program and you get to come to school dressed in that camouflage costume you all wear, but you really aren't! You are no more important then any other person on this earth and you have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Today as I was walking to the parking structure you came hauling around the corner, driving straight through a crosswalk filled with students. Did it ever occur to you that you are supposed to stop at a STOP sign? I was the student lucky enough to be closest to your car. Considering the fact that you made no effort to slow down or avoid hitting anyone I would like you to know that if you had hit me, you were going fast enough to KILL me.

Although I am furious that you have no consideration for the law or the safety of others I want you to know I still hope you have a safe and wonderful day! I am very much against wishing harm unto others, but I will say this, if I ever see your ugly, beat up, white El Camino with the SUPER SPORT sticker on the back walking either to or from class I will slash all four of your tires and laugh in disgust! If you dont know how to follow the rules of the road you shouldn't be driving!

Thats all I have to say about that, THANKS!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Millions of Milkshakes

Last night the gang headed over to Millions of Milkshakes to see what all the hype was about!

Honestly I thought it was ALRIGHT! It was fun to finally go there since I had heard so much about it, but I thought the shakes had a little too much milk and not enough shake.

I HATE MILK, and I felt like I was drinking a glass of milk with chunks of delisciousness blended inside. My taste buds were very confused and I was not very pleased! My mommy will put the "miley milkshake" to shame any day of the week!

Eaton Canyon

Yesterday Kassy, Haik, and I braved the trails of Eaton Canyon to journey all the way to the waterfall! Although I've been hiking there a countless number of times, I have never seen as much water as we did yesterday! The streams were three times wider then I've ever seen and the water was way deeper! Not a single one of us successfully maneuvered through those rapids on our way to the waterfall without getting wet. At one point I nearly dislocated my shoulder trying to keep my balance, unsuccessfully of course!

Although we really enjoyed the fresh air and chit chat time, I think my dog Sobe enjoyed the hike more then everyone combined. She was so excited to run loose on the trail and greet other dogs. YOU KNOW she was swimming too, she showed off her skills to anyone who'd watch! My pup is such an entertainer!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

LOVE my hair

The first time I ever got extensions I ended up with a large, very noticeable, bald spot on the top of my head. Somehow, the appeal of having beautiful, long, 18in hair motivated me to brave up the nerve to try it again.

My wonderful friend Deondra and her mama are like my hairs fairy godmothers! They are the best. Not only does my hair look amazing every time they do it, but I am happy to report I haven't had a single bald spot(which is always a plus)

If anybody is looking for someone to do their hair these ladies are no joke! I GUARANTEE you will love them just as much as I do. They will hook you up, and make you like twice as beautiful as you already are!

It is officially safe to say I am addicted to my weave!