Sunday, February 28, 2010

For those of you blinded by their cuteness..

Girl Scouts are nothing more then hu$tlers in training.

Yesterday in the pouring rain a posse of girl scouts pitched an easy-up tent directly in front of the entrance to my job! Now I don't deny anyone credit where credit is due so I've got to hand it to them, these little girls and their moms are, in my opinion, sales geniuses!

They strategically place their cookie forts at the front and center of the entrance to every establishment that will allow them to set up shop. While the moms guard the money box and the unsold cookie inventory, a small gang of girl scouts approach their target, batting their innocent little eyes, and speaking in unison: "would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?" During cookie season you can't go to the store, to work, or even sit at home in peace without being propositioned to purchase a box (or two) of cookies. The coldest hearted person alive would find it hard to look straight into these little girls eyes and say NO!

I wonder how cute and sweet the same little girls are when they aren't trying to coax money out of our wallets? I can just picture them running around at home like the little banshees they are with leaves and sticks tangled up in their hair! I KNOW that's what I was doing at their age. Little girls should get to act like little girls, they shouldnt be trained how to sell cookies!

I know these cookies are supposed to fund trips and badges for each troop but of the $4 each box of cookies sells for the troop get about $.50. With an 800% mark up, its no wonder these girls are little fiends for sales! I think its time to renegotiate the contract with their cookies makers!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Damn the Man!

Just walked over to the mail box to send off the tax money I owe both the state and the fed! Sad moment dropping 500 doll hairs into the box!

Hmmm.. I wonder if the paper pusher who's lucky enough to open all the envelopes in Sacramento will enjoy my Hello Kitty checks? I'm sure he will! Those suckas' are the happs!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Counter

Today Eddie and I scooped Kelsey up from work and took her over to The Counter for her very first custom built burger! Everyone got their own clipboard and mini pencil and we were set loose to create our very own masterpieces! The Counter offers ingredients you'd never think to put on your sandwich and you can add as many yummy ingredients as your heart desires (for a price of course)! All I know is, I loved my 2/3 pound cheese burger with Tillamook cheddar cheese, extra tomatoes, lettuce, and avocado on a honey wheat bun, man am I full!

Taro..UHH NO

Every time Eddie and I venture over to our local boba spot, he takes a good five minutes to scan the menu options. He always gets something different and I'm quickly beginning to think he is determined to locate the strangest drink ever made. This afternoon he decided on some sort of taro slush! Now... when I hear the word slush, I think 7-11 or Sonics, this $*@# was NOTHING like that!
After watching my BOBArista mix my amazingly delicious passion fruit green tea (with boba) I watched her throw 7 random ingredients (one of which looked like mayonnaise) into a blender and hit MIX! The resulting drink looked like a purple milkshake. Eddie took his drink and held it out gesturing for me to taste it. At this point I didn't think I was being tricked because he said "taste this" in the most convincing way, then.. at the exact moment the concoction hit my tongue he proceeded to say "I guarantee you wont like it". Although it was only in my mouth for .5 seconds I can tell you exactly what those 7 random ingredients were:

1. Milk (quite possibly expired)
2. Ice
3. Lotion (what I previously believed to be mayonnaise)
4. Dish soap
5. Baby powder
6. Sweetener.. like sugar or splenda
7. Perfume

Unless you are trying to punish a loved one for a bad deed stay as far away as humanly possible from taro slush.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


It's so ugly when people wish ill or harm unto others but this girl had it coming and I can honestly say she deserved everything she got! Anybody who has ever been cheated on can appreciate this! Its really worth the listen! REALLY!

Lovely Suprise!

I love you Estrella! You're the best!


Lately my poor little face has been riddled with tons of ugly bumps! I realize everybody gets zips, but my face just doesn't seem to be getting any better. I am beginning to feel like an epidemic is occurring on my face! I have completely stopped wearing make-up (which is an awful sight)and I have been washing my face like an obsessed freak trying to fix the problem.. but so far.. NO SUCH LUCK!

We've all heard people say that stress may cause acne and school has definitely been crazier then usual the past couple weeks.. but have mercy! I just want my skin to clear up already!

SOOO.. I have decided to try something new. After doing a bit of internet research and looking at this site in particular I have decided to smear honey all over my little pizza face! I guess honey is a naturally antibacterial substance and since acne is the result of bacteria from you skin backing up your pores I've figure its worth a shot!

Although I am excited that this may help I sure hope my good friends, the Oakcliff black bears are still hibernating! I definitely wouldn't want a rabid Winnie The Pooh anywhere near me right now! My fingers are crossed and my face is sticky...

Ohh Honey.. if you are listening
please hear my call for help,
I'm really counting on you to come through!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shutter Island

They started showing the previews for this movie so long ago that I was beginning to think it had come and gone from the theatres already without my noticing! Oh well.. it FINALLY came out so last night Eddie and I decided to catch the 10:40 show.

The first thing I will say is, OH MY GOLLY was this movie long! It was also nothing like I expected it to be. I thought the movie was going to be much scarier. It turned out to be more of a mystery then anything else (although there was one part that made me jump so high outta my chair that my hairband flew straight up, off my head, and into the air)

Overall the movie was pretty good. It just took a really long time to get to the point. There is a lot of watching Leonardo DiCaprio run around an island in the rain. If you liked the way The Sixth Sense ended you will love this movie.. if not don't bother!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Baby Gracie

This afternoon mama Corran and auntie Ree Ree threw Katie the first of her three baby showers! We celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Gracie with some very happy tummies! They served deli platters with cheeses, meats, and fresh rolls to make sandwiches from Claros Italian Market , the food was as delicious as can be! They also had one of the most beautiful cakes I have ever seen!

We played a bunch of cute games like: baby scrabble, guess the gestation of different animals, wrap a string around Katies belly to guess her size (mine was big enough for triplets), and a memorization game that I actually won thanks to my girls Jamie, Leeanne, and Rhonda! Here's my little prize!

Good thing her papa is in the warehouse business because Katie is going to need a storage locker to house all her gifts! I love the Montgomerys and I am super excited another one is coming into the mix! Here's a picture of me and mommy to be (I'm giving baby Gracie some valuable advice)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Juice It Up

I was so excited to find the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer sitting on top of the oven at my house the other day! I can wait to make some yummy, fresh juices! :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010



If cell phone companies weren't to clever charging their crazy early termination fees I would have turned this sucka' off long ago. I am currently rockin the LG enV2, this happens to be the fourth enV2 I've owned. The exact same issues I had with the past three phones are beginnging to happen again. The OK and 0 buttons no longer work (super annoying)and without any sort of warning the phone just shuts off! Sometimes I will be in the middle of a call, other times it will be when I am trying to send a text, its the best when I am not even touching the thing and it just turns itself off. I should have learned from the drama with the past phones that the same thing would happen again but... those sneeky Verizon people kept telling me that the glitches were unique to each phone or that the issue had been worked out of the phone design! Yea F'in right, I got hustled if you ask me.

Eddie's sister happens to have a phone IDENTICAL to mine and she lent until I can afford a working phone. However, I see absoutly no point in driving yet another phone into the ground! The phone is in my retired mom's name and every month I am supposed to pay her for 1/3 of the bill, which I never do on time! I actually need to take 44 dollars out of the bank today that I owed her 2 weeks ago! Ugh I'd much rather have 44 dollars then this paper weight calling itself a phone! Even if my phone was cool (like Eddie's iPhone) I still dont use the thing enough to justify paying for it. I just want to turn it off!

Now Now... none of you wonderful readers need to worry too much, you are still going to be able to contact me with amazing ease! It wasnt that long ago that every single person ages 10-90 didn't own a cell phone, I have no doubt that I will be just fine without it. First of all, I am a Facebook addict so you can Facebook me all day and all night if your little heart desires. I also have an email address that I check 20 times a day. In addition the core 5 people I talk to everyday are the exact same people I spend the most time with. All of these people have cell phones and If you need me, you are more then welcome to call one of them to hunt me down! If all else fails send me some snail mail! With the exception of bills I love getting letters and I would love to hear from ya!

If for any reason you are still unable to find me its probobly because I just dont want to be found! March 17 cant get here soon enough as far as I am concerned!

Monday, February 15, 2010


As some of you are aware my camera broke recently and I have been feeling incomplete without it. I carried my camera everywhere and have been using other peoples borrowed electronic devices in order to capture exciting moments! Well.. yesterday my honey surprised me with a new camera.. AND on top of that, he made me some super cute Hello Kitty stickers to advertise my blog! I am SO excited! Eddie, my new camera, and I spent the afternoon at Disneyland, where things just kept getting better.

We finally got to see the Aladdin Show at California Adventure, that we have missed 5times. I will say now that genie was the highlight of the show, he was a funny little wish granter and we even got to see him do some ad-libbing due to technical difficulties on Disney's part.

At the Candy Palace on Main Street we also discovered they would be making my parents favorite candy. The same candy that we have been on a wild goose chase to locate ever since they got a taste.

As a little tradition I like to buy a new pin for my nerd necklace every time we visit Disneyland. Last night I decided to bite the bullet and buy one of those vinylmation mystery pin boxes. I'm not really into them considering I like to know what I am buying and I don't have the winners luck that other people do! Whatever.. I was feeling adventurous so I crossed my little fingers and hoped that at least one of the two pins wouldn't be an ugly one! When Eddie opened the box we discovered my TWO FAVORITE pins of the collection! Yipppppy!

Basically yesterday was perfect! I got the best valentines gifts ever, I got to go to Disneyland (where we had lots of good luck and fun), and I was with my Eddie all day long!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Girls Best Friend... I Think Not!

ITS VALENTINES DAY! Time for all you fellas' to buy your honey a diamond to prove how much you love her! I must say though I am a little curious...

.Why don't more people question the notion that a diamond is a symbol of love?
.Why is it that an engagement ring always means a diamond?
.And why does the stone have to cost a years salary for the answer to be yes?

The value of a Jewel is based on its rarity right? If this is true diamonds aren't valuable at all. In fact, they are slightly more rare then a plain ole' rock. It blows my mind how so many people are willing to pay the insane prices jewelers charge for diamonds. Honestly, it should be illegal.

Have you ever heard of a little company called De Beers? Well De Beers is actually a monopoly, when a competitor discovers a new mine site they buy it and shut it down. Basic economics has taught us that the smaller the supply of a desired item the higher the desire (or demand). This is what pushes prices up. De Beers has total control over the supply of diamonds released into the market, and intentionally keeps this supply low. They then turn around and market diamonds as the symbol of love... and people buy into it! Even if you happen to be Bill Gates or Donald Trump and you are so rich you can afford to wipe your ass with $100 bills you still shouldn't want to buy diamonds.

For one dollar a day men, women, and children are doing back braking levels of labor in order to mine the diamonds we are so eager to wear. These miners typically work without proper equipment under extremely dangerous conditions. Civil war within Angola, DRC, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Ivory Coast is funded by diamonds (paid to terrorists). No matter what you have been told there is no such thing as conflict free diamonds. The Kimberly Process, which is supposed to regulate this trade is based on a self monitoring system and it doesn't work! Every single day diamonds are funnelled into the system. There is blood from lost limbs and lives splashed across every diamond and people are actually excited to receive them as gifts! That's scary!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Feng Shui

Watch your thoughts, they become words.

Watch your words, they become actions.

Watch your actions, they become habits.

Watch your habits, they become character.

Whats your character, for it becomes your destiny.


This morning when I logged online to pay some bills I was astonished to see a $8.95 account fee. Those of you who know me well know that I DO NOT pay fees of any kind EVER! That includes interest! Why would anybody willingly give away their money and get nothing in return? It makes no sense! Anyway I threw some make-up on and marched my unhappy little self straight over to good ole' Bank of America. Upon my arrival I learned that my friendly neighborhood bank decide to change the type of account I previously had, into a new, not free, checking account! Why.. you ask? I have no clue! If the bank is going to start making financial decisions for me, I would be more then happy to close my accounts and take my money somewhere that I don't need to pay mystery fees. When I got to the bank I think they were a little surprised at my attitude, as if other customers don't mind being charged these nonsense fees! They looked at me like I was a loon because I demanded the fee to be reversed! I'm sorry if I came on a little strong bank teller lady but what the funk are you messing with my hard earned money for? I am not rich, and even if I was I still don't have $9 to hand out every month. The day I decide to start throwing money at people the bank is going to be last on my list! Needless to say I got my fee reversed but the next time they want to change things up on me without notification or authorization me and my c-notes are out!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My vote to win ABDC5 :)


Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed by nagging thoughts and worries about all sorts of things that I want to accomplish! A few examples you ask?

1. I am driving around in a car that looks like it belongs to a hoarder or some sort of bum (I just happen to be neither)
2. My bedroom looks like I am in the process of moving either in or out because clothes are folded into piles on the floor but nothing is in my dresser
3. Although I have the money to pay off all my credit card bills I have no idea who I owe what to or when anything is actually due
4. It's almost time for me to register for classes and I am not even 100% positive what my major is anymore
5. I cant stop biting my poor little finger nails
6. AND to top it all off I cant seem to remember ANYTHING at the moments when it really need to.

In addition to the above, there are many more things that I would like to take care of. I really just want to purge myself of all these issues! I made a sort of to-do list that I have been carrying around with me in my purse. Everytime I remember somthing I had forgotten, or think of somtime I dont want to forget I write it down. Hopefully my little list will help me to keep my scattered mind more focused! I plan on using it as a map into the endless thoughts running through my head on a daily basis. My plan is that this list will remind me of, and help me to organize, everything that I want to do! I will allocate a few things to each day until I have the majority of the list crossed out. I dont expect my list to ever really be complete... because then I would have nothing to do, but I do hope that soon it will be much shorter! As is sits now my list has 30 things to do on it. Wish me luck my friends... it's time to get started!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sobe's Birthday

Tomorrow our puppy turns 5.. okay, so she isn't really a puppy, but she will always be a baby to us! To celebrate this milestone, Kassy made her some banana PUPcakes. They were so adorable.. each little PUPcake was in a cute little birthday cup with peanut butter and a doggie biscuit on top! My mom brought Sobe to work so that Kassy could give Sobe her treats personally and she loved them! The crazy dog tried to eat an entire cake in one swallow! Thanks Kassy!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Birthday Cake

Yesterday, after my operations management test, I headed over to Eddie's, like I do everyday, to hang out with him and Chloe. When I got there, I was thrilled to see 3 chocolate cakes cooling on the table. Eddies mom is basically the queen of baking! She is always stirring up a batch of something yummy, and the inside of her house ALWAYS smells like fresh goodies straight outta' the oven! Anyway... I was shocked to learn that the cake I saw cooling on the table wasn't for me.. it turns out it was Eddies dads birthday and his mom was takeing it to a meeting he was at to suprise him! Later that night when everybody came home, I was sad to learn that the entire cake had been gobbled up at the meeting! I shouldn't have been so bummed out, afterall it wasn't MY birthday but dang... that cake smelled so good. Lucky for me Eddies mom could see the sadness in my eye and quickly whipped me up my very own special chocolate cake made outta' brownies with this yummy pudding-like frosting in the center & drizzled on top! I'm so spoiled but all I will say is.. I was a happy little girl for the rest of the night!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Revlon 5k For Women's Cancer

On Saturday, May 8th, 2010 join the fight against women’s cancers by participating in the 17th Annual Revlon Run/Walk For Women. Men, women, and children of all ages are invited to share in the excitement as we come together in a united effort to help eradicate women's cancers. Your participation in raising critical funds and awareness will work toward ensuring a bright, cancer-free future.

We have put together a team and would love for any and every person who is interested in joining us to sign up and walk :)

TEAM NAME: TBD (until we have a good idea)
TEAM HOMEPAGE: CLICK HERE TO JOIN US :) you can also sponsor us here too!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Music Therapy

One of my favorite memories of all time was an evening when my best friend Marie called me up and asked me if I felt like going for a drive! Seeing that I wasn't doing a single productive thing other then laying around like a couch potato.. I agreed. She took me on the most perfect adventure (in true Marie fashion).

We had no particular destination. I remember going to the zoo, and almost ending up in Hollywood. We drove across the entire street of Orange Grove thru Pasadena and past the Rose Bowl. We were even in La Canada for a while. The entire time singing songs that reminded us of random times. We were singing at top of our lungs, with everything we had, voices sounding exactly like the real performers (or so we seemed to think). Each songs reminding us of different friends and loves and past times. We talked about so many different things on that drive. We spent hours driving and singing and reminiscing, it was great!

There are not many things that can ease your mind and relieve your tensions the way a good friend or good music can! Most recently (thanks to my sister) I have been singing a lot of Paramore songs... for whatever reason they speak to me in a way that I can not put into words. I can relate almost every song they sing to something that has happened in my life now. I am addicted to singing those songs everyday over and over again... Soon I plan on recording myself singing one of their songs to post here on the blog. Now its just a matter of deciding which favorite song to sing!


Thanks to Layla and Ramon I got off work an hour early, so I wouldnt miss a single second of the game! My mama and papa have been Saints fans FOREVER... and they, along with my sister and I are SUPER excited to see them in the Super Bowl! They have had a great season and it would be awesome to see a win! So for the last 7 minutes of the game I will be here snacking on my new favorite treat(Flamin' Hot Munchies)with Eddie and Chloe, rootin' for our team... we aren't giving up by any streatch of the imagination!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wing Stop

Just got home from a feast of about 100 wings (Original Hot, Mild, Garlic Parmesan, Hickory BBQ, and Lemon Pepper), fries, veggie sticks, and beers (thanks Lori) with a few of my favorite buddies!
Wing Stop never disappoints... but after my VERY SHORT stet of vegetarianism those wings were even tastier!
Unfortunately,as a result of her being a beginning potty trainee, Chloe didn't make it to tonight's events. "But don't worry guys"(as she would say). She is making good progress and on Monday we will be going to Chuck-E-Cheese with our little buddy Christian to celebrate her accomplishments and have a little play date! Here are some before and after pictures of our edible centerfold from tonight and one of my sister with her little boyfriend.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Delightful Suprise!

A few days ago my friend and coworker, Lori, told me that her 3 year old son, Christian had a present for me! Today when she came into work I jokingly asked, where's my surprise? Well.. much to my actually surprise... she pulled a box of Hello Kitty valentines Day cards out of her coat! I was thrilled! I LOVE HELLO KITTY... and I was so happy that they had thought of me! Now all I have to do is decide who to give them out to.. & for someone who's really special I may even include one of the glitter sticker that came in the box!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Adventure

SO... its Friday night, but there will be no exciting end of the week festivities happening in my life! OH NO! Instead I have about 5 hours worth of written assignments and two midterms to study for, one of which is worth 35% of my entire grade. My original plan on Monday was to break my work up over the course of this past week. Instead I messed around everyday and got close to nothing done. So, yesterday after my 9AM class I fully intended to sit down and have a serious study session to catch up on all my work and put a dent in my assignments. As soon as my class ended, instead of heading straight over to the library, I hooked up with my best friend Marie and we ended up on an afternoon long adventure. First we drove over to Twin Palms Boat/RV Storage in Azusa to meet up with her boyfriend, who was going to be our shopher for the day. After catching up with the fellas' and a quick tour of the place we were on our way to the first stop on the journey, the doctors office. While in the waiting room Marie and I had a quick little photo shoot and played with a few of the crazy applications and games she has on her phone. There was even a loud talking patient blabbin' all his business for the world to hear, who served as an excellent form of entertainment for a good 25 minutes. After the doctors office we were all STARVING so we hopped in the monster truck and headed over to WaBa Teriyaki House for some, delicious all natural teriyaki bowls (mmmmmm) There we had some interesting conversation which included, among many other things, anchor babies.
Once our tummies were full we headed back over to Twin Palms where we parted ways. It was great to spend time with my bestie. We have both been so busy lately that we really haven't had a chance to spend quality time together! Although it was nice to catch up with my two favorite creatures I now have even less time to get all my homework done and I'm feeling a little overwhelmed! Looks like I wont be going out this weekend... My homework's my date tonight.. LUCKY ME

Came Up..

On some tight new threads..
Last night Eddie and I drove out to Rancho to meet up with his friend Emil and pick up a few things from his clothing line, VILLANY, Eddie got a shirt and a hat but I happen to be partial to the girls stuff! Here's what I came home with :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Eddie sold the s13... just in time to pay the bills!

Monday, February 1, 2010


After a long week of work and school, Eddie and I decided to skip town for the weekend and take a break! We couldn't think of a better place to go to escape from our worries then good ole' Sin City. Upon our arrival at the Hard Rock Hotel we were astonished to discover a mile long line at the front desk. Really? At midnight? There were like 500 people trying to check-in and one FREAKIN person working the desk? Who's running this show anyway? Don't feel too sorry for us though, our frustrations didn't last long because once we finally got into our room and settled in we were able to find comfort in our Dr. P and Crown (mmm)Overall our weekend turned out to be pretty perfect! We had tons of fun and cant wait to go back in March!

Lets Eat

After our little nap to recover from the search for a Louis Vuitton man purse, our game plan was to head downstairs, play a little roulette, and work up a hunger for the Rio buffet! Despite that fact that we had a blast schmoozin' it up with the pit boss, we quickly realized we had lost every dollar of our allocated buffet money.. and then some! All hope wasn't lost though, before we started losing our money we signed up for the rockstar players club, and over the course of our Vegas weekend we gambled enough to earn ourselves a $50 food comp at AGO, the boughie Italian restaurant inside our hotel! I can't lie, it was some delicious food but I really hope we make it to the buffet next time!


It Never Fails...No Matter Where We Go Eddie Finds Pho (ugh)


Yes that's right! Eddie and I payed a visit to Gold & Silver Pawn, in Las Vegas Nevada, the site of our most favoriest show ever, PAWN STARS!
I am sad to report there were no Big Hoss, Chum Lee, or Old Man sightings but there was a bouncer and red rope at the entrance! It wasn't as big as I was expecting it to be but it was still cool to recognize a few of the things we have seen sold on TV!
Im sure you are all wondering if we pawned anything! Not this trip my friends but I have a feeling when we come back in March for Eddies birthday we will be more prepared with something to hock!